KSP Weekly August 06, 2013

Come have your very first looks into what’s coming in update 0.22!

KSP Weekly for July 30th, 2013

KSP Headline

  • The International Forums are now live!
  • KSP-TV Broadcaster Applications are now CLOSED so if you are interested you will have to wait until they open up again, thanks to all that applied and I will be reviewing the rest of the applications today.
  • Your weekly developer update.
  • What would Kerbin could look like in after effects?
  • Mega mod featuring .21 updated popular mods.
  • What will our spyglass to the community show today? 

Kerbal Space Program 0.21.1 Update Patch is now available!


I’m glad to announce we’ve just released the 0.21.1 Revision Patch for KSP.

This patch addresses some of the most critical issues found on the 0.21 update. Most importantly, it fixes a big issue where you could end up stuck in the Editor scenes, due to the Launch and Exit button becoming unresponsive; and also fixes the new SAS, which wasn’t holding attitude like it should have been. 

Here’s the changelog:
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    ==================================== v0.21.1 Bug Fixes and Tweaks: * Removed some unused assets from KSP/Parts. * Fixed an issue with some scenery meshes that could cause bits of the UI to become unresponsive in some cases (mainly in the VAB and SPH). * Tweaked some object scales slightly. * Tweaked the ocean color at sea level on Kerbin (was way too dark). * Fixed an issue that would cause lag while moving parts around the editor scenes if too many crews were hired at the same time. * Fixed an issue with the new SAS not properly maintaining attitude. Should be much better now. * Tweaked some parameters on the SAS to make it more responsive.

    We’ve also changed a few other details about the SAS: Now, all command pods, be them probes or capsules, enable SAS for the vessel. Not all of them are able to apply torque on their own though, much like it’s always been with the old system.

    We’ve re-tuned the SAS to get a sharper response as well. The issue we found with it was a simple one but it had some very far-reaching implications. The new SAS releases the attitude hold when you apply input, so you can still control the ship with it on, but an issue on the logic for that was causing the attitude lock to not set very well, which resulted in it drifting off target. 

    As always, you can get the latest update through the KSPStore, the Patcher, or get auto-updated if you’re on Steam.

    (If Steam hasn’t updated yet, try shutting it down and restarting. That usually causes it to refresh all apps)

    Important Note:
    * Do mind that as with any new release, you shouldn’t expect mods to work with the new version. We strongly recommend doing a clean reinstall of your game on each new release. 

    Happy Launchings!


    Kerbal Space Program 0.21 Update Released

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    New additions to the Squad team!

    Milestone Reached! 0.21 Now in Experimental Phase!

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